Lighting Rentals


Profoto D1 Air Kit 500

Superior performance in a compact package.

Check Availability $36-$48/Day

Profoto D1 Air 1000

Superior performance in a compact package. Ample horsepower for most any project.

Check Availability $22.50-$30/Day

Litepanels Astra 6X Bi-Color LED Panel

Big, bright, beautiful, and bi-color.

Check Availability $36-$48/Day

Dual V Mount Battery Kit

Two Powerful V-mount batteries for use with LED Panels etc.

Check Availability $9-$12/Day

Westcott Flex 1x1' 2 Light Kit

Bi-Color, flexible, and compact inside a travel case.

Check Availability $39-$52/Day

Manfrotto Spectra 1x1 LED Panel

This LED panel provides a beautiful soft light, to match the requirements of demanding filmmakers, videograpers and photographers.

Check Availability $18-$24/Day

Profoto Acute Head

Small and reliable head for D4 and Acute2 generators.

Check Availability $15-$20/Day

Profoto Pro 7b Kit w/2heads

Rugged, go anywhere professional battery powered strobe system.

Check Availability $75-$100/Day

Profoto Head Extension Cable for Acute Heads - 16'

Add distance between your head and pack.

Check Availability $4-$6/Day

19" Savage LED Ring Light

The lightweight, bi-color, fully dimmable and cordless Savage Ring Light, that will go anywhere you do.

Check Availability $12-$16/Day

Volta V-385 Power Unit For Strobes and LED's

Run Strobes or LED Panels with Much Confidence.

Check Availability $30-$40/Day

Mole Richardson 2 Light Baby Kit

Baby 1k Fresnel and a Baby Softlight 1K at your service!

Check Availability $30-$40/Day

Colortran Mini Brute 9 (5,850 watts)

Need to light a big space? You might need a Mini Brute.

Check Availability $60-$80/Day

Lowel eXchange Unit w/Led Bulbs

1050 Watts of Daylight For use on Lowel Rifa Lights

Check Availability $7.50-$10/Day

Lowel Rifa 44 Light Kit 250 watts

250 Watts of beautiful, soft light. Quick set up and tear down.

Check Availability $21-$28/Day

Lowel DP Light 1k

Spot, Flood, and Control

Check Availability $9-$12/Day

Lowel Omni Light (continuous)

Focusable, 500 watt tungsten halogen light source.

Check Availability $6.75-$9/Day

Lowel Tota Light 500w

Compact yet packs a wallop.

Check Availability $6.75-$9/Day

450 Watt Power Inverter 12v to 120v

Powerful ac outlet for your car.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Stinger 25'

Get your power out there

Check Availability $3-$4/Day

Dracast On-Camera LED Light

Bi-Color, Dimmable and Camera Ready

Check Availability $9-$12/Day

Stinger 50'

Durable Extension for your power

Check Availability $4-$6/Day