Hasselblad 501CM Kit

Hasselblad 501CM Kit

This magic light box and lens are literally out of this world.. NASA left a bunch of Hasselblad's on the moon.

Classic Hasselblad!  This the latest version on the 500 series Hasselblads. This camera is in beautiful condition and produces flawless photos. 

Hasselblad was the camera of choice for NASA when sending men to the moon, their incredibly reliable, tough and make absolutely stunning images. This one is a bit more accessible than the one still sitting on the big cheese ball in the sky, so come rent it and see for yourself why it's so great. 

Includes a Hasselblad Metered Prism, A12 Film Back and a Zeiss 80mm f2.8 Planar T* lens

Single Day Rental from $45-$60/Day