Rent Audio & Video


Canon XA-30 Professional Camcorder

Full HD 1080P resolution in a compact, easy to use camcorder. MP4 File Format

Check Availability $45-$60/Day

Sony FDR-AX100 4K Camcorder

Don't miss a detail

Check Availability $60-$80/Day

Rode Video Mic Pro

A true shotgun microphone designed to use with DSLR cameras, camcorders and portable audio recorders.

Check Availability $11.25-$15/Day

Zoom H6 Audio Recorder

Handy, handheld multi channel recording.

Check Availability $15-$20/Day

Accessory Kit For H6

Hairy Windscreen, Remote Control, AC Adapter

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Arri Alexa Plus 4:3

Ultra-Pro Cinema

Check Availability $600-$750/Day

Dracast On-Camera LED Light

Bi-Color, Dimmable and Camera Ready

Check Availability $9-$12/Day

Sennheiser G2 Wireless Handheld Kit

Complete Handheld Mic Kit

Check Availability $21-$28/Day

Fuzzy and Foamy windscreen kit for Lav Mics

Fuzzy or Foamy they're both in there.

Check Availability $3-$4/Day

Rode SmartLav+

Attaches directly to your smartphone or tablet for serious audio quality.

Check Availability $7.50-$10/Day

Glidecam HD-2000

Your medium for capturing smooth handheld shots.

Check Availability $15-$20/Day

39" Cinevate Pegasus Carbon Camera Slider

Super Lightweight Slider and Table Dolly

Check Availability $24-$32/Day

60" Cinevate Atlas 10 Slider w/All Terrain Legs

The Atlas 10 Camera Slider is the perfect slider for filmmakers needing a lightweight solution that can mount to a single tripod.

Check Availability $27-$36/Day

Konovo K2 Slider 39"

Compact, lightweight and sooo smooth..

Check Availability $18-$24/Day

Zacuto Z Finder Pro 3

Zacuto Pro Z-finder with 3x magnification and a 3" pro mounting system.

Check Availability $9-$12/Day

Kessler Crane Pocket Jib Traveler

The Pocket Jib Traveler is Kessler's newest and most compact Pocket Jib designed for shooters that require an ultra-portable jib solution.

Check Availability $21-$28/Day

DLC Professional DSLR Rig

The rig that puts the pro in professional.

Check Availability $21-$28/Day

Orbit Dolly

Round and Round

Check Availability $24-$32/Day

Manfrotto Spectra 1x1 LED Panel

This LED panel provides a beautiful soft light, to match the requirements of demanding filmmakers, videograpers and photographers.

Check Availability $18-$24/Day

Lowel Omni Light (continuous)

Focusable, 500 watt tungsten halogen light source.

Check Availability $6.75-$9/Day

Lowel Rifa 88 Light Kit 1000 watts

1000 watts of beautiful continuous light, CFL or Tungsten

Check Availability $30-$40/Day

Lowel Rifa 44 Light Kit 250 watts

250 Watts of beautiful, soft light. Quick set up and tear down.

Check Availability $21-$28/Day

Lowel Rifa 66 Light Kit 750 watts (continuous)

750 Watts of beautiful, soft light. Quick set up and tear down.

Check Availability $22.50-$30/Day

50' XLR Cable

A professional audio cable that is ideal for touring and live sound applications.

Check Availability $3.75-$5/Day

ProAm 8 ft Crane w/Tripod

Get high as a kite.

Check Availability $60-$80/Day