Light Modifier Rentals


Medium Chimera Softbox

High quality 3'x 4' soft box with two layers of removable diffusion. Profoto Speedring included.

Check Availability $9-$12/Day

Large Chimera Softbox

High quality 4'x 6' soft box with two layers of removable diffusion. Profoto Speedring included.

Check Availability $11.25-$15/Day

Profoto 5' Octa Softbox

Shallow and Pleasingly Soft, just like your first love.

Check Availability $21-$28/Day

Westcott 28" Medium Apollo Softbox

Easy set up, thrilling results

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Westcott 43" Apollo Orb Speedlite Kit

A Beautiful, Easy to Use Accessory for Your Speedlight

Check Availability $12-$16/Day

Profoto Silver Softlight Beauty Dish 20.5"

Crisp, Beautiful Light. Diffuser and grid available.

Check Availability $15-$20/Day

Profoto Diffusor for Softlight Reflector (Beauty Dish)

For all Profoto Softlight Reflectors, reduces the light output by 1/3 f/stop.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Profoto Deep Umbrella Large Silver (51")

Add a bit of Sparkle to your Next project

Check Availability $15-$20/Day

Beauty Dish For Speedlight

Beautiful results from your speedlight.

Check Availability $11.25-$15/Day

20.5" Grid for Beauty Dish

The 25° Grid for the Softlight Reflector White and the Softlight Reflector Silver can be used to shape your key light, create background effects in portraits or accentuate the highlights in still life photography.

Check Availability $11.25-$15/Day

Photoflex Litepanel 77x77" Frame Kit

A quick and easy 6x6 frame/rag solution ideal for run and gun situations.

Check Availability $24-$32/Day

California Sun-Bounce Sun Swatter

This Kit contains everything you need to get out and shoot. Comes standard with a -2/3 stop diffusion to eliminate unwanted shadows

Check Availability $18.75-$25/Day

Matthews 12"x18" Flag

Blocks those darn flares and glares.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Matthews 18"x24" Flag

Blocks light and things alike.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Matthews 12x18 Black Open End Single Scrim

This Matthews scrim reduces light by 0.6 stops.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Matthews White 12"x18" 1/2 Silk

Calms down your harsh lighting situations.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Matthews 12"x18" 1 Stop Silk

Used for diffusing light.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Matthews 12"x18" Open End Scrim Black China Silk

The Matthew Scrim with black trimming stops down light by one full stop.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

6'x6' Frame for Silks/Scrims

6x6'Frame for use with a variety of fabrics.

Check Availability $18-$24/Day

12'x12' Frame for Silks, Scrims, Solids

Heavy duty, rigid and lightweight frame for 12x12' fabrics.

Check Availability $27-$36/Day

12x12' "artificial" Silk

Beautiful diffusion.

Check Availability $30-$40/Day

Lowel Tota-Frame for Omni Light

Use with Tota/Omni lights. Pans and tilts with the light. Collapses for storage.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Matthews Quacker Clamp

Simply makes life easier.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

4X4 White & Silver Beadboard

Get that light just right.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Manfrotto Reflector Holder with Mini Grip Head

Don't like holding your own reflector? Then don't, this guy will.

Check Availability $4-$6/Day

Long Throw Reflector For Profoto

Even From any Distance Similar to Profoto "Magnum"

Check Availability $12-$16/Day

Godox Hot Shoe Softbox Kit - 20x20"

Simple and Soft- Just the way we like it.

Check Availability $10/Day

Photoflex Flexdrop Pop-Up Green/Blue Screen

5x7', Super Easy to set u with a built in frame

Check Availability $6-$8/Day

Profoto RFi Softbox 2x3'

It is more than a softbox. It is a Light Shaping Tool.

Check Availability $6-$8/Day