Haley Bateman's "First Look" Video

Hi! I'm Haley. I'm 22 years old, and have loved taking video and watching all my life. My close friends might even say too much (Just kidding). But it wasn't until recently I started to expand my passion and really build the confidence to share what I loved doing. I didn't have the experience I wanted to make it good enough. One day I woke up with an epiphany that I would never have that unless I didn't start somewhere. I decided right then to move forward, and I put myself out there and got jobs. Somewhere in between I realized I didn't have the right equipment, and that's where ACME stepped in. I have the camera, and they have the lenses I need.

So when i took the Canon 16-35 out, i had the chance to film a few things- a proposal, and a first look engagement video. I usually use a 50mm and/or a 75-300mm, but I realized if I wanted to improve each time, it starts with the shots I get. All of that seemed so up close. It was really useful to have the 16-35 so that I could introduce the setting, show two people's actions from farther away (without having to back up myself), and to be able to have both them and the beautiful surroundings involved. 

It added a ton to the story I was creating, but if you're looking for a way to get those intimate shots, I wouldn't recommend it. This lens was not built to focus, in fact when I zoomed in to stills it didn't look focused at all. I would recommend a 11-16mm lens instead.